ULDERICO BERNARDI, is full professor of Sociology in the Department of Economics Sciences at the "Ca' Foscari" Venice University. Study interests relate principally to the phenomena of cultural persistence in social mutation, researched amongst ethnic minorities, in Italian emigration communities and within local cultures. Research and course work has been undertaken in Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Brazil ( Univ. of Caxias do Sul, Univ. of Florianopolis), Argentina, United States (California: UC Los Angeles, UC Berkeley; Texas: Austin, San Antonio; New York: CMS, Centre for Migration Studies), Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver), and in various European states.
V. President for the Inter-university Centre of Venetian Studies (CISV); Director of Documentation and Research Archives -Emigration from the Veneto Region (ADREV); member of the Centre for Studies at the Italian Academy of Cuisine; President of the Scientific Committee at the"La Vigna" International Library (Vicenza).

Pubblicist, collaborating as a journalist and opinionist with daily newspapers and magazines nationally and abroad.



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